Visualisations and report elements in Microsoft Power BI

Do you need to know how to add tables and charts to your reports in Microsoft Power BI? Would you like to add user-friendly filters using slicers?

Microsoft Power BI visualisations create a powerful set of graphics to provide clients and team members insights into the data they are working with.

The ‘visualisations and report elements’ module of Lara Mellor Training and Consultancy’s Microsoft Power BI training courses is designed to help you to create and modify tables, charts and maps in your reports and add extra elements such as text and pictures for extra interest and information.

You will learn:

  • How to create table and matrix visualisations
  • How to create charts and graphs
  • How to work with maps
  • How to add slicers to extract text and date data
  • How to add text, shapes and pictures to reports
  • How to work with report filters

Ready to get started? Get in touch today to book your Microsoft Power BI training. Remember, you can pick and choose your own modules to be sure your team gets the best out of the training and learn valuable skills that they will be able to use within your business straight away.