Getting Started with Microsoft Project

Do you need to know the basics of using Microsoft Project? Would you like to learn how to create project plans that will help you in your business?

Using Microsoft Project to create timescales of work and resource allocation can help you produce realistic timings and costs for a block of work.

The ‘getting started’ module of Lara Mellor Training and Consultancy’s Microsoft Project training courses is designed to help you understand what the application is used for and the first steps involved in creating a project of your own.

You will learn:   

  • What Microsoft Project is?
  • How to navigate the screen layout
  • How to work with pre set views
  • How to set up a basic calendar
  • How to change the start date of the project
  • When to use auto or manual scheduling

Ready to get started? Get in touch today to book your Microsoft Project training. Remember, you can pick and choose your own modules to be sure your team gets the best out of the training and learn valuable skills that they will be able to use within your business straight away.